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Lonavala is a hill station surrounded by green valleys in western India near Mumbai. The Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves are ancient Buddhist shrines carved out of the rock. They feature massive pillars and intricate relief sculptures. South of the Bhaja Caves sits the imposing Lohagad Fort, with its 4 gates. West of here is Bhushi Dam, where water overflows onto a set of steps during the rainy season. this hill station boasts of a spectacular setting that includes lush green valleys, stunning waterfalls, serene lakes, and remarkable caves. The myriad places to visit in Lonavala include historical sites, natural wonders, religious attractions, etc.

Places to visit in Lonavala

  • Lonavala Lake: This absolute stunner is located in the natural outlooks of Lonavala, near the main city center. The Lake is a seasonal basin that gets filled in monsoons. But despite that, it is one of the prominent Lonavala tourist places for picnics. Here you can enjoy walks, bird watching, swimming, and boating, etc.

  • Imagica: This amusement and water park near Lonavala is where families and groups of friends can head for a full-day outing and picnic. There are rides, slides, food, fun, and more at Imagica, making it a great pick of Places to Visit in Lonavala.

  • Rajmachi: It is a small village surrounded by the lush Sahyadri Hills near Lonavala. The place is best-known for the Rajmachi Fort which is a frequented trekking and camping site for adventurers. Moreover, families and groups also visit here to enjoy a picnic outing amidst nature.

  • Bhushi Dam: This is another one of the Lonavala tourist places for a picnic outing. Bhushi Dam, located on the Indrayani River is a sight during monsoons but is also frequently visited by families and others for a fun outing with a packed lunch, sports equipment, and a camera.

  • Della Adventure Park: Get your adrenaline pumping with a day at the Della Adventure Park. This park is one of the most exciting places to visit in Lonavala and you can enjoy some amazing adventure sports here. It is an amusement cum waterpark with a whole plethora of thrilling activities to indulge in.

  • Lion's Point: Lion’s Point is one of the most favoured Lonavala tourist places. The viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the hills and valleys with clouds floating around making it look like a fantasy land. From this point, you can see several small waterfalls, lush greenery all around, and lakes, especially during the rainy season.

  • Kune Waterfalls: Kune Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. Cascading water, lush greenery, fresh air, and magnificent views of the Sahyadri ranges makes it one of the most enchanting places to visit in Lonavala.

  • Wet N Joy Water Park: Get in touch with the child in you, indulge in a full day of fun, thrill, and excitement at Wet N Joy Water Park. This is one of the most exciting Lonavala tourist attractions for both children and adults alike. Get your adrenaline pumping with the 10 thrilling rides, like The Cyclone Ride, Nightmare, Whizzard, and many more.

  • Duke’s Nose: Duke’s Nose is one of the best places to visit in Lonavala for its views and refreshing surroundings. The area is famous for the exciting trekking and hiking trails, rappelling, rock climbing, camping and India’s first Slackline Festival. This area has been attracting many highliners because of the length of the line.

  • Karla Caves : Karla Caves is one of the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India and one of the most fascinating places to visit in Lonavala. The caves are carved on a rocky hillside and they date back to the 2nd and the 5th century BC. The caves are divided into several sections as halls and monasteries.

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